Drape it, Drape it Good!

Looking for a way to dress up a room or venue? We’ve got the perfect solution for you, and it’s a simple one…. Drape it. Adding pipe and drape to your event is a good way to dress up any space, whether it be for a photo booth, the wall behind your cake or the entire room. There are a ton of different design options for drape as well- different colors, fabrics, layouts, the possibilities are endless. Check out some of our pictures below for inspiration!

13238880_1192058050846121_2491872156539105461_n (1)

Bridal Extravaganza Draping; picture taken by Premiere Team Member


Engaged Wedding & Event Showcase Draping; picture taken by Engaged Wedding & Event Showcase team member

13086964_1174714309247162_1242089511514335476_o (1)

Rachael Hall Photography; Meet at Texas Draping


A Taste of NACE Event; picture taken by Brittany Jean Photography

Dripping Springs Bridal Show

Dripping Springs Bridal Show; picture taken by Premiere Team Member

If you are wanting to receive a draping quote for your next event, give us a call! We’d be happy to lend a helping hand to your drape dreams.


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Trend Watch: Bohemian

With cooler weather (hopefully) approaching in the near future, one trend we think that is sure to be popular in both the fall and spring is the bohemian inspired theme. You can take this trend in a number of different directions- from farmhouse tables and naked cakes, to light and flow-y wedding dresses and flower crowns.

Whatever you decide to do, you can’t go wrong with this theme, especially in good ol’ Austin Texas!




Follow us on Pinterest for more Bohemian styled inspiration and plenty  of other ideas for your next event!

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It’s My Wedding I Can WINE if I Want to

Who doesn’t like a taste of upcoming trends? Wine inspired weddings, and parties could possibly be on the forefront. There are so many ways to incorporate the theme with your greenery, floral and marsala colored linens, and don’t forget the corks!  Even a possible wine tasting during your event is a great way to get all of your guests involved with the fun.

One of these barrel bar tops or cocktail tables would be perfect for any event, adding lights across the front would give a comfy romantic feel to the event!

There is a wide variety of wine glasses out there, but for the timeless classic look you cannot go wrong with our Cabernet style glasses.

image (3)

These festive crates would be a great addition to your event adding some greenery and dimly lit votives.

All of the fall colors that can bring the theme to life will make your special day really POP and differ from other events. If this was the idea you have been waiting for then take a look at our latest board on Pinterest “Wine Inspired Wedding theme” and Follow us!

blog 8

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One of this year’s hottest trends is using geodes in your decorations. Recently, our Instagram feed is filled with geode inspired wedding cakes used as the event’s focal point. But, why stop there? There are so many different ways to incorporate the geode theme into not just your cake, but your centerpieces, your table numbers, your party/wedding favors, and SO much more!

Check out some pictures for inspiration on this hot geode trend. If that’s not enough, follow us on Pinterest for even more inspiration!

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Trends to Watch for in 2016-2017

I mean, Premiere Events has helped customize events for over the past 15 years. Can’t we just dive right into another one? It’s that dreaded where do you even start when planning an event question that’s hovering in the back of our client’s mind. In our experience they always want what you don’t have or if you do have it, all of your clients want it at the same time.

Events are always changing. And you always wonder… will this become a trend or is it just a fad? It’s hard to keep up. Below are a few trends, from the new hire here at Premiere Events, that you should expect to see this fall and into 2017.

Geometric Patterns:

Patterns are making a comeback and we should expect to see them for the rest of this year as well as most of 2017. Using shapes and bold colors help bring out clients’ unique style and vision.

Geometric patterned backdrops and centerpieces have been showing up more and more in the event industry.

Bold patterns and shapes in metallic or pastel colors make for a great theme.  These fun prints and shapes are clean and modern. They can be incorporated into any aspect of your event from decor, dresses, invitations, linens, cakes and more!


Rose quartz and serenity are the colors you should expect to see more frequently. There are countless opportunities for the colors to even be paired together.

And who doesn’t love anything and everything shiny and sparkly? Metallics, such as: gold, silver and copper are appearing more in the smaller details of events. These timeless colors will never grow old. They are eye-catching and can help give any event a more sophisticated and glamorous feel.

Local & Organic Food:

The organic food market segment has been growing rapidly for years. It is expected to continue to grow in popularity as consumers become increasingly aware of pesticides and genetically modified foods.


Penelope L’Amore Photography; Word Of Mouth Catering; The Winfield Inn


There is a growing movement in which consumers are becoming more educated and more concerned with the process and sourcing of the ingredients that are going into their foods. Clients are wanting better tasting foods than ever before. Locally sourced is the culinary trend, especially here in Austin and central Texas. The Austin restaurant and catering community is especially in tune with these respectable movements.

Dramatic Fashion:

Continuing into 2016 and 2017, there is a significant trend for brides to wear dramatic dresses to their events. Plunging necklines, skirt slits, sheer details, and high-low skirts are what’s helping brides stand out and make a bold statement.

While the sexy, open back trend isn’t necessarily “new” anymore; does it ever really get old? A massively plunging neckline is the new thing. Designers are playing with sheer materials to set a dramatic, yet glamorous, tone for the bride. The leg slit is also setting the tone for a fun bride. Someone that shows off a little leg definitely means business. They’re ready to party.

Now if you can’t decide between whether you want a long or short dress, the perfect solution has been found. The high-low wedding dress style is a show stopping, modern and classic new look that goes well with anyone who wants to show off their awesome shoes!


We never know what we’re going to get when helping assist today’s brides and meeting their rental needs. There are always new questions arising and sometimes you have to bend over backwards to please your clients, but that’s why we signed up for this industry, right? The event industry is such a satisfying and rewarding field. With events growing more and more, there are always new systems to learn, new trends, and new clients and vendors to meet; I’m just trying to keep up!


Want more? Follow us on Pinterest for more inspiration!

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Urban/ Industrial Chic Inspiration

We saw the industrial chic event trend kick off last year, but we’ve since seen it gaining quite a bit of momentum among event holders everywhere this year. We’ve taken notice of this and have created a Pinterest board dedicated to this trend- some “pinspiration” for you, if you will.

Mixing metals of any color with natural elements like a farm table, succulent, or vintage china puts a fresh, modern, urban spin on any event.

Thinking you want something classy, with just a touch of industrious decor? Then this Urban/ Industrial chic trend is exactly what you are looking for. Take a peek at some of the things we find inspiring! Follow us on Pinterest for more pinspiration and ideas for your next event!



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Premiere Events: Love Blooms at UMLAUF

We had the pleasure of being a part of such a wonderful open house last week with Love Blooms at UMLAUF planned by Rosa Gibson of Austin Wedding Planners. There were so many great vendors in attendance and we had an absolute blast! Check out some of the pictures from the event, taken by the talented Thomas Meredith of Thomas Meredith Photography. Other vendors in attendance included Unique Design & Events, Austin Catering, Sweetish Hill BakeryGroove Labs, Terra Vista Strings, Rojo Pictures, Breathtaking Blooms, Rae Cosmetics, Austin Weddings Unlimited and Game Plan Entertainment.


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