Trend Watch: Unique Dessert Displays

Nowadays, a lot of couples are moving away from the traditional wedding cake and groom’s cake and moving toward a more unique dessert display for their weddings. This can go in a number of directions…. from donut walls to bookshelves filled with different sweets. No matter your level of sweet tooth, there are numerous ways to change up your dessert table into something more unique and true to your style. Check out a few of those below!




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Trend Watch: Spring 2017 Weddings

It’s never too early to start planning your wedding decor, and spring is right around the corner! Lucky for you, Pantone has a lineup of bright and beautiful colors for spring design in 2017.


We are loving these bold pops of color mixed with more neutral, subdued shades that bring these   tones back down to earth. Mixed Metals like brass, copper, gold, and silver, and geometric designs are still hot hot hot. Pair them with bright hues like Flame and Pink Yarrow for vivid and eye catching tablescapes! No matter the style, you’ll find a Pantone sure to fit your theme.

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Premiere & the Amazing Race Austin

This year marked the 9th annual Amazing Race Austin, sponsored by Apartment Data. Premiere Events had the pleasure of being a spot along the race route this year, and we had an absolute blast participating! Companies that raced the 9th annual Amazing Race Austin included Alliance, Amli, Belco, Capstone, CWS, Gables, Greystar, IMT, LPC, MAA, Oden Hughes and USRG.

At our Dripping Springs Showroom on Friday, November 11th, the teams stopped by and were tasked with putting together a complete “event ready” table. If you have not dressed a table before, deciphering each item and its purpose could prove to be a little difficult. Our Dripping Springs consultants did a table mock up prior to the race and took a picture of what it should look like for the teams to reference. Only 4 members from each team could participate in this 15 minute challenge. Check out pictures from the challenge below!




Premiere Events mock table for racers to reference.


The judges!


IMT Residential- “Pink Ladies”


IMT Residential- “Pink Ladies”


IMT Residential- “Pink Ladies”


IMT Residential- “Pink Ladies”


Amli- “Superheroes” 


Amli- “Superheroes”


Amli- “Superheroes”



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Tent Tips Tuesday: What You Need to Know

Whether you are thinking about a tent for your event rain or shine, or as a backup plan in case of inclement weather, there are a few things to keep in mind when tenting. We’ve come up with a list of things to consider, but this is by no means all encompassing. Talk with your event rental consultant to answer any and all event specific questions you may have!

  • Stake or Barrel: Staking or barreling the tent has a lot to do with the venue the tent will be placed. Staking the tent into the ground is the preferred method, as it is a bit more secure. However, if there is any kind of under ground irrigation system, or if the tent is going to be placed on cement or asphalt, staking may not be the route to go. If that is the case, the tent must be barreled. The number of barrels needed will depend on the size tent you are ordering. One thing to keep in  mind is if there is access to water near where the tent is being set up, if you are barreling. If there is not, let your rental consultant know that you will need pre-filled water barrels.
  • Labor Intensive: Installing and taking down tents is incredibly labor intensive. You will see crews of 2-8 (depending on the size of the tent and the time frame for install and take down). If your venue requires a late night pick up after the event, you will likely see an increase in the labor or delivery fees. Keep this in mind when booking a venue if that puts you over budget!
  • Clear Top Tents: Clear top tents are beautiful and can help your guests continue to see the venue. Keep in mind, however, that clear top tents act as a greenhouse. In warmer weather, these are really not a good idea and will be incredibly hot underneath of them.

Photo by: Jerry Hayes Photography; Venue: Horseshoe Bay Resort

  • Walls: If you are tenting for inclement weather reasons, a good thing to keep in mind that you may want are the walls. This will help keep the rain or wind out of the tent and make your guests comfortable. If you are wanting to still see the atmosphere around the tent, ask your consultant about clear or windowed walls!

Photo by: Premiere Events Team Member; Venue: Horseshoe Bay Resort

  • Think about the weather: What is the weather doing? Will you be needing heaters or fans/AC? Will it require additional power that the venue does not provide? Is this something that your rental company will provide or coordinate?
  • Tent Lighting: Are you wanting to light the tent as well? If so, were you wanting chandeliers or festoon lights? How many and/or what square footage are you trying to light? Will the event be taking place into the evening? If it is, you will want lighting that will put off plenty of light for your guests to see without straining their eyes.

Photo by: Premiere Team Member; Venue: Villa Del Lago

  • Tent Liners: Tent liners are a good way of giving the ceiling of the tent a softer feel. These are gorgeous in tents and can add a touch of elegance to any event. Keep in mind, however, these can be pricey.
  • Tent Accessories: Tent accessories are a good way to make any tent a little more elegant for your event. You can add on things like spandex barrel covers (if you are barreling your tent), leg drapes to cover each of the tent poles, and french doors!

Photo by: Premiere Team Member

Tents are ALWAYS good to have as a back up plan if your event is mostly or all outdoors. They can be used as rain plans for inclement weather or as extra space for an event that needs the overflow. As we said, this is by no means all encompassing, and there will be questions that crop up for event specific tenting needs, but this is a good starting place if you are feeling lost with tenting.

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Spooky Wedding Stories, and How You Can Avoid Them

In lieu of Halloween today, we thought we would share some spooky wedding and event stories we’ve heard over the years and shed some light on how to avoid instances like these in your own events! It is almost impossible to plan for EVERY thing, but we promise, your event will end up just wonderfully!

Spooky Story #1

One year in Austin, there was a freak cold front that came through in April. We’re talking freezing weather and sleet, guys. When it comes down to weather, especially in Texas, there’s not a ton you can do to predict what it’s going to be like. In this particular instance, the wedding was able to go off without a hitch! The weather cleared up right before the ceremony, but it was chillier than normal and there were quite a few people freaking out.

Spooky Story #2

A bride ordered all ivory linens and napkins for her wedding, but come the wedding day she ended up with ivory linens and lime green napkins. Whoops! Instead of freaking out about the mix up in the color (as anyone might), she decided to have a little fun with it and keep the pop of color in the wedding.

Spooky Story #3

This bride ordered flowers for her bridal party but come the day of, the florist only had a bouquet for her maid of honor. On site, the florist decided to get a little crafty and took flowers from the pews and made bouquets for the rest of the bridesmaids. The bride walked down the aisle and had absolutely no idea of what happened until after the wedding when someone told her about the mishap.

Spooky Story #4

Champagne fountains. Remember those? They used to be all of the rage, and are making a come back to some Gatsby inspired events. Well,  make sure you have them set up correctly. If not… let’s just say that they can spew out all over the place or even shoot out of the top like a champagne geyser. Unfortunately, there is one couple who learned this the hard way.

Spooky Story #5

The groomsmen of one wedding party were totally “schnockerd” at the end of the evening and decided to play some football with one of the linens from the tables rolled up into a ball. Creative, aren’t they!? Well, one of them took a header and busted his head open on some stone steps. For first aid, they took the makeshift linen football and wrapped his head up in it like a turban until the ambulance arrived. Post event, they proceeded to return the linens (including the blood soaked one) to the rental company. When the linen warehouse was counting the linens in, they saw the blood and thought they were going to find a severed finger or something horrible.

Unfortunately, we cannot plan for all things, believe me, I wish that we could. There are some things that pop up that you wouldn’t normally think about and are completely out of your control. However, regardless of the weather, the hiccups or the broken groomsmen, your day will be perfect because you are marrying your best friend, and that is what matters the most.

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Take a Pic, You’re Engaged!

Engagement season is almost upon us and that means engagement pictures. If you are recently engaged and looking for places to take engagement pictures in Austin, we’ve got a list for you!

  • Mount Bonnell: In true Austin form, Mount Bonnell is a beautiful setting for pictures. If you can time it just right so that you are there for sunset (or sunrise- if you’re an early riser) you will have some breathtaking shots for a lifetime!
  • 360 Bridge Overlook: The Pennybacker Bridge (or more well known as the 360 Bridge Overlook) is another good place to take engagement pictures. The walk up here is a little more “treacherous” than the walk up to Mount Bonnell so be prepared with your shoe choice if you pick this spot!


  • The “I Love You So Much” Wall: Located on South Congress, this is another spot that is popular in Austin for couples to pose in front of. You may have to wait in line to get your picture taken here, and there probably won’t be time to do a full shoot, but it is still worth stopping by!
  • Zilker Park: Where ACL is held every year! There is a rock formation out in the middle of Zilker that opens up to the Austin Skyline right behind it. It is a beautiful spot for pictures with a beautiful skyline behind you.
  • Hope Outdoor Gallery: This graffiti park is a unique setting for engagement pictures. There are plenty of images to choose from when posing and every picture is sure to be different.
  • Texas State Capitol Building: The capitol building is a beautiful building- inside and out. This is a perfect place to take pictures if you are looking for something specific to Austin (and Texas!).

On behalf of everyone at Premiere, we’d like to congratulate you on your engagement and wish you the best of luck with your planning!

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Honoring Loved Ones at Your Wedding

If you have lost anyone near and dear to you, you may be trying to think of ways to honor them at your wedding. You are not alone. This is becoming a popular trend with weddings nowadays with honoring the people we wish could be there to witness the day. Whether it be a single candle, a few picture frames or sentimental objects, there are countless ways to honor loved ones who cannot be there in body on your special day.

Here are a few ideas we’ve pinned on our Pinterest page to do just that. Follow us for more inspiration and other ideas for your big day! blog-1



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