Make a Difference with your Big Day

Weddings are filled with love, flowers, food and joy. Thankfully there are a multitude of options to extend the love beyond the day and make an impact for others in need. Here are just a few options for you to consider in giving back after your wedding.

The Flowers – the beautiful fresh flowers used during wedding ceremonies and receptions often go to waste after their use. However, you can extend the life of these arrangements by donating them to a nursing home, hospice, or hospital to help lift the spirit of the residents. There are non-profit organizations, such as Floranthropy, that are established to help assist in flower donations. For a small fee to cover the cost of logistics, they will pick up the arrangements after the event and ensure their successful delivery. You can also talk to your floral designer ahead of time as they may have prior experience in coordinating post-event donations.

The Food – you may have the ability to donate food left over after your wedding. While most food banks and food distribution programs often only accept donations of new, prepackaged or canned foods, some homeless shelters and even animal rescue centers may be willing to take your extras. If you are using a professional caterer ask if they have donated before and they may already have a relationship set up for this purpose!

The Dress – while this may indeed be the most sentimental item from your special day it may also have the most impact if you choose to donate it. One option is to donate your dress to an organization such as Angel Wings of Lake Travis. This group of ladies takes the fabric from the donated wedding dresses to make burial gowns to give to families who have experienced the unimaginable loss of their infants. It is a beautiful way to ease their grieving pains by wrapping their angels in love as they are laid to rest. Other options for dress donation include: Wish Upon a Wedding, providing wedding attire to terminally ill brides and grooms aiding in the celebration of their love; Brides Across America,  providing dresses to women who are first responders or a part of the military and experiencing financial hardship. However you choose to donate, know that you are making a very special and powerful impact for the life and love of another.

These are just a few ways to give back during your wedding, but a little creativity and a lot of heart can go a long way in making a difference in the life of those who need love the most.

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Dessert Options for Your Wedding

There’s nothing better than seeing a big beautiful cake standing tall when you walk into a wedding reception, or is there? These days more and more couples are opting out of the traditional tiered wedding cake in favor of offering their guests different options and expanded choices. 

One of the more innovative trends we are seeing in weddings over the past few years are is couples offering dessert style bars for their receptions. This gives guests the opportunity to sample multiple bite sized sweets. Most guests want something sweet to end the night off, but a big piece of cake is just too much for them. Having the option to “just have a bite” is perfect!

Here are some great wedding dessert bar ideas if you are looking to optimize your sweet treat options:

Donut Bar:


Cookie Bar:


Pie Bar:


Mini Dessert Bar:

mini dessert

Cupcake Bar:


Ice Cream Bar:

ice cream

Like the idea of a dessert bar, but still want those cake cutting pictures? You can do both by ordering a top tier (6” in diameter) for the cake cutting tradition and then save that cake for you and your partner to enjoy later. Your guests won’t mind forgoing cake to enjoy all the bite sized goodies you are offering!

No matter what you decide to do, just have fun with it, because that is what sweets are all about!

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September 2017 Bridal Extravaganza

Did you know…. The Bridal Extravaganza is right around the corner? Happening THIS SUNDAY, September 10th from 12-5pm.

Are you a new bride or groom? Event planner or events vendor in Austin? Perhaps you’re someone’s maid or matron of honor, or bridesmaid? Do you need to light a fire under the bride or help give some inspiration? If any of these fit, you definitely want to sign up and get tickets for the Bridal Extravaganza.

Located at Palmer Events Center this time, the tri-annual Austin Wedding Guide’s Bridal Extravaganza conveniently places all the vendors you could possibility want (and those you would have never thought you wanted, but you do) under one roof.

We at Premiere Events absolutely love participating in this one-of-a-kind event, and do so at every Bridal Extravaganza.

What’s not to like? You have venues, photographers, florists, caterers, dresses and suits, rentals (but we know there’s only one wedding rental shop that’s perfect for you, right? :P) and so much more all in ONE place.

Brides and grooms, bridesmaids, groomsmen, family and friends can spend the day walking around chatting with various vendors and sampling some DELICIOUS food from some of Austin’s finest caterers.

You might be thinking, “This sounds perfect and I definitely want to sign up, but how do I get my significant other away from NFL Redzone to go meet some of Austin’s best wedding vendors?” Easy. We can answer that for you. They have a bar fully stocked for all of your adult beverage needs. You can walk around meeting these amazing vendors all while sipping on a mimosa or a beer. Just set your fantasy line up early and keep up with the scores on that handy-dandy mobile device. I mean, it doesn’t get much better.

If you’re considering going, or perhaps you’re on the fence on whether it’s worth it, we can help out with that, too. GO! You will not regret it. Quite a few vendors will be running specials that you wouldn’t get otherwise so you could end up saving money in the wedding budget. Didn’t think you would have room leftover to spend on an open bar? Go to the Bridal Extravaganza and you just might!

Be sure to come by the Premiere Events booth and say “hello” to your favorite rental team while you’re there. We’ll be giving out our own little incentive to work with Premiere for the people who come by to see us. You definitely don’t want to miss out on that!

To get tickets, parking information or directions to the Palmer Events Center you can visit the Austin Wedding Guide’s website by following this link:

We can’t wait to meet you!

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Helping with Hurricane Harvey

We are changing gears and blogging about something a little different than we normally do, but something we feel is incredibly important for people to know. Our hearts and minds are with the victims and areas affected by Hurricane Harvey.

The Red Cross states that Hurricane Harvey is the “most deadly and devastating hurricane forecast to strike {the} U.S. in over a decade.” I know we have all been watching the news and weather carefully to see how this has affected those around us. Many of us have family and friends in the areas that have experienced the most devastation.

So, what can we do? With the devastation the hurricane has created across Texas, a lot of people are wanting to jump in and help but don’t know where to start or what to do. We are here to give you some ideas of how you can help your fellow Texans in the aftermath of Harvey.


There are quite a few notable charities that you can donate to, whether it be big or small, it all makes a difference. Here are just a few that will help directly with victims of Hurricane Harvey:

The Red Cross

  • Text HARVEY to 90999 to make a $10 donation
  • Call 1-800-REDCROSS to donate over the phone, or
  • Go online to to donate through their website

United Way Flood Relief Fund

  • Text UWFLOOD to 41444 to donate

The Salvation Army

Donate Blood

Visit one of your local blood banks to donate blood the Hurricane Harvey victims. Find one near you by visiting or by simply googling, “blood banks near me.”

A few things to keep in mind when looking to donate to the victims- always check on the charity to make sure your money is going where you want it to, a little background check never did any harm. Cash is generally more helpful than donating and sending supplies. While supplies are needed, it takes days for items to show up and you may have to pay customs fees depending on from where you are sending. Cash donations are practically instantaneous and can be allocated to places they are needed most.

Donate Your Time

If you can and are able, volunteering with any of the above charities, or any other you find and feel exceptionally connected to, is always good.

Donate through HEB

HEB has decided to donate $100,000 to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. If you’d like to add to that donation, you can, just by shopping at an HEB. You can add a donation of $1, $3, or $5 to your grocery bill to help those affected by the hurricane. Simply add it on to your bill when you are checking out. HEB has also sent disaster relief trucks to areas affected to help the people in that area. Way to go, HEB.

Provide Accommodations to Evacuees

There are quite a few shelters that have popped up around Texas to help those who have been displaced or who have lost their homes. With the rain continuing, and water levels rising consistently, if you have the space and can open your home to those who have lost theirs, providing shelter will be greatly appreciated to those who need it.

Foster an Animal

With so many families displaced by the storm, a lot of their animals have been displaced as well. Austin Pets Alive! and other local shelters have received animals from the coastal and surrounding areas to save as many animals as possible. If you are able, fostering, or even adopting, a pet from the shelter can potentially save even more lives. Getting an animal out of the shelter opens room for another one to come in from areas that have been affected. Stop by APA! or Austin Animal Center to see how you can help.

Of course, this is just a starting point if you need some direction of just how you can help out those affected. There are plenty of other charities you can donate to or volunteer with if you feel so inclined.


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New Products at Premiere

Summertime means “slow season” (ha! Does it ever actually slow down in Austin?), which also means it’s time for us to acquire new products and show them off to all of you. We’ve been working hard on beefing up our inventory and also adding to it, so that we are prepared for all of the upcoming fall wants!

With that said, we’ve got some new inventory up on our website that we thought we’d go ahead and share with you! These are just a few of the newly added items, the rest can be found by visiting

So, without further ado, here is what’s new at Premiere:

Cake and Pastry Display:


Square Embossed Porcelain Dessert Tray, 3 Tier, $15.00


3 Tier Butterfly Dessert Garden Tray, $15.00


3 Piece Antique Glass Dessert Tray $15.00

Event Decor:


Rustic Arbor (Small or Large Options), $125.00-$295.00


White Bird Case, $6.00- $12.00


Grapevine Balls with Lights $25.00- $35.00


Bubble Candle Sticks, $1.00- $3.00


Black Paned Lanterns, $6.00- $12.00

Event Furniture:


Chateau Chair, $75.00


Chateau Loveseat, $275.00


Lucite Grecian End Table. $145.00


Mirror Coffee Table, $165.00


Rectangle Coffee Table, $145.00


White Leather Coffee Table, $110.00



Casablanca Salad Plate, $0.95


Tara Salad Plate, $0.95



Silverplate King James, $0.55



Blue Batik, $34.95


Stained Glass, $29.95- $34.95


Marble, $34.95


Mocha Luxury Bark, $39.95


Sharon, $34.95- $44.95

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Premiere at TRA

Another year of the Texas Rental Association’s Round Up is in the books! This year, we sent six Premiere team members to attend the show. As we bring on new team members, we like to give them the opportunity to attend TRA and ARA. We must say, it was another exciting and successful show!


Once attendees arrived and settled in to their respective rooms at The Hyatt Lost Pines, there was a lunch introduction put on by TRA for all of the guests. At the lunch, we got to meet the new TRA president, Greg Kitchens, and then were introduced to the rest of the TRA board. Our very own, Angela Nussel, serves on this board so she was front and center (and the only female!) on the stage for this. We were then given some information on how much money was spent and how much money was made in the event and equipment rental industry.


After lunch, attendees walked the exhibition floor to take a look at new products to purchase or think about acquiring. On the events side, we saw items like linens, chairs, tables, dance floors, carpeting, tents and so much more!


Friday night was the anticipated steak cookout. Attendees brought their families and chowed down on some delicious steaks and veggies.


The best part of the evening, at least for us, was to see our VP of Administration win the TRA Rental Person of the Year award! We are so incredibly proud of her for such an accomplishment and are honored to work with someone so dedicated to the rental profession!



Saturday wound down with a few options for various classes. Our three rental consultants opted for the social media class and found some helpful tidbits to bring back to Premiere.

After classes were over with, two of our rental consultants who were in attendance took their first CERP exam and PASSED! Way to go ladies!


All in all, it was a wonderful weekend at Hyatt Lost Pines for the annual TRA Round Up and we can’t wait to go again next year!


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South Store Summer Re-do!

Every so often, we feel it is necessary to re-do our showrooms to keep things interesting for you guys. Our creative director has been hard at work revamping the South store showroom for the summer and we just LOVE what he’s done so we have to share it with all of you. Although, we do encourage you to swing on by, because seeing things in person is ALWAYS better.

We’ve rearranged the desks and now have them set up in two set of lines, with our boxwood hedges in between. And yes, the hedges can be rented out, how fun is that!



We’ve designated a spot behind the sales consultants desks for a pillow wall so that you guys can see what options you have for “jazzing up” your lounge areas. The options and color schemes are really endless with our pillows. If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, we’ll find a way to track it down!

Above the consultants desks are different colored paper Asian umbrellas. We just love the idea of using something different for a back drop or ceiling decor and hope that this idea will jump start your creative thinking into coming up with something outside of the box.


We have lots of table set ups around the showroom to give you inspiration when coming up with ideas for your place settings, all ranging in elegance and price point. From farm tables with floral settings, to marbled linens, to country chic blues with wood accents, we have it all on display for you to gather inspiration for your perfect set up.


Need somewhere to sit and meet with your clients? We’ve got you covered. We’ll even bring you beverages and snacks while you’re meeting!



We have moved our linen wall down a bit and have them color coordinated. Each linen has a tag on it to tell you what size they come in so you know if the linen you are looking at will fit on your specific tables.


We now also have a designated wall for our chair ties and our napkins also color coordinated.


There are a few different lounge sets placed throughout the showroom. We have one that is more modern and  another that is more rustic, to give you an idea of the range of possibilities. Feel free to grab a pillow from the pillow wall and really go crazy!

Perhaps the most grandiose portion of the showroom is the arbor and soft seating ceremony set up that we have. With the soft seating ceremony set up being so popular nowadays, we wanted to give you some inspiration on how you might be able to accomplish that look for your wedding. You can now walk in and get a feel for not only what your reception tables could look like, but also what your ceremony could look like, all in one convenient location. How cool is that!?


We would love to have you in the showroom to start playing and putting your dream event together in one of our designated “play” and meet areas. Give us a call to set up your appointment or check out our website to see what we have to offer! We look forward to working with you on your next event!

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