Belly Up, Premiere Has New Bars!

Lately, there has been a trend toward using bars that create more of a statement than just their practical use. Often, your bars (and the bathrooms) will be the most visited spot at your wedding or event, so why not make it a key focal point. We have taken note of this and have crafted and purchased new bars we think will be perfect for just that!

So how do you make the bar area a “wow” at your event? Start with the bar itself. What is the theme of your event? Is it more modern or more rustic? How many guests are you anticipating? Your guest count will determine how many bars you will need. A good rule of thumb is 1 bar per 100 people (give or take). So, if your guest count looks like it will be around 100 people, you would be fine to have one bar with two bartenders. If your guest count is closer to 150 people, it would be best to have two bars with three bartenders. For 200 people, you would need at least two bars with four bartenders. The more guests you anticipate, the more bars and bartenders you will need.

Take a peek at some of our newest additions and see if any of these bars fit your event and give you the feels.


Roadhouse Bar


Cottage Bar


Rustic Cedar Bar


Rustic Bar


Urban Patio Bar


Traditions Bar

For practicality and extra working space at the bar, or perhaps to add some depth to your bar, choose from some of our bar back options:


Wooden Plank Bar Back


Loft Bar Back 


White Wash Bar Back 

Placement of the bars at your event is also something to consider. You wouldn’t want to put a bar right in the front entrance. Doing this will encourage guests to gather in the entrance instead of moving into the room. Be sure to take note of the kitchen area as well as you will have servers coming in and out often. Be sure to place the bar away from that area so that your guests and your staff are not in each other’s way. You also want to keep bars away from specialty tables (like the cake table) where someone could accidentally knock something important over. If you have multiple bars, you can space them out around the venue so that not any one bar seems to be overcrowded at any time.

From there you can jazz up your bar selection(s) and really play into your theme or color scheme. Using things like flower garlands or greenery, signs that say “cheers” or marquee light up letters will really draw your guests in and add that something extra to your bar. Here are some ideas for inspiration, taken from Pinterest, to help you see how it can all come together and really be a focal point:

Planning on stocking the bar yourself? You may want to chat with your caterer to see what they recommend as far as purchasing what and how many, but here is a good resource we’ve found and refer to our clients when asked:( The counts listed here are for a guest count of 100 people and acts as a good starting point for anyone purchasing their own alcohol. Obviously, you know your guests the best so don’t be afraid to tweak the counts. If you don’t have that many scotch drinkers, but have a ton of beer drinkers, then heavy up on the beer and lower down the scotch.

Keep in mind that if you are providing the alcohol yourself, and not doing so through your venue or caterer (if that is an option) you’ll want to ask about re-corking fees, if any.

Once you are ready, you can find a full list of our bars, bar backs and pricing by following this link:

We hope to see you bellying up to one of our bars soon!

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Premiere’s First Ever Shade Special

Premiere Events has decided to try out something new this year and we have a sneaking suspicion that you’re going to like it. We are offering the first ever Shade Special. This special will run today, Monday, July 10th through Saturday, August 5th. What this special entails is 10% off all tents (what!), umbrellas and cooling devices! If you need to have a back up rain plan in place for your upcoming event (whether it’s in 2017, 2018 or even 2020), or just need some relief from the hot Texas sun, this is a great time to book it. You could literally save hundreds!


Lisa Hause Photography

This special differs from some of the other specials, however, because of the big ticket items like tents. Rest assured, we’re going to break it down for you so that there’s no confusion and you feel confident booking your shade special items! As always, though, we are here to help, so if you have any questions just ask ’em!



Alright so here’s the break down- the discount applies to new orders only. We can’t retroactively go back and apply a discount to an order that’s already been started. In order to take advantage of the special, the items you are wanting to book must be in stock and available for your event date at the time of booking. We cannot apply the discount to any sub-rented or special order items.

If you are booking an umbrella or a cooling device on special, those items must be paid for IN FULL at the time of placing the order. If you are booking a tent on special, you are required to put down a 50% NON REFUNDABLE deposit to hold the tent. This 50% deposit will reflect the reduced special rate. You may chat with a consultant directly for more information on booking a tent, those can get a little tricky.


Thomas Meredith Photography

Accessories are not included in the discount. Things like sidewalls, tent leg drapes, water barrels, lighting, tables for the umbrellas, etc., will all be at the normal rental rate.

If you need to add items onto your order after the sale ends on August 5th, you are more than welcome to do so, as long as the items are available. Once the sale ends (2PM on Saturday, August 5th), however, all additional items will be at the full, standard rental rate.

Items placed on special cannot be changed, reduced or combined with any other offers. Unfortunately, no refunds will be given for items secured under the shade special.



Perhaps the most important rule of all- YOU MUST MENTION THE SPECIAL IN ORDER TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE DISCOUNT. The discount will not automatically apply to qualifying orders so don’t forget to chat with your event consultant about it!

Feel free to peruse our website to look at items you may want to rent, or stop by one of our showrooms to sit down with a consultant and go over your wishlist. We cannot wait to help make your event absolutely perfect!



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Independence Day Inspiration

So you’re throwing a Fourth of July party? Or perhaps you’re a little late to the game and are thinking about getting some folks together to celebrate. Maybe you’ve been planning the party for a while, but just want to spruce it up a little bit.

Whatever the case may be, Premiere has you covered for your Fourth of July rentals! And the best news? We’re open all day today for you to come on by and pick them up for your shindig tomorrow!

Check out some of our items for Independence Day inspiration!

Maybe you want to spice up your table with a themed linen?

Or maybe your guests would be much happier to just sit and hang out on a picnic table?


Want to serve people on place settings other than plastic?

How about blue glassware for any type of drink?

Don’t forget to keep your drinks cool and your food warm!

However big or small your Independence Day celebration will be, stop by Premiere Events to see how we can help make it even more memorable!

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ILEA Austin Gala

The tone of the evening was set with roving characters out of a vaudeville circus setting, contortionists performing from the ceiling, and then moving into a dining room set with exquisite centerpieces, elaborate place settings, and the perfect lighting to set the mood for the remainder of the evening.
Not to mention a photo booth with a live burmese python and an acro duo during intermission.
19402217_1436845849715221_7620587508813180346_o19388449_1436845809715225_7325875666799405461_o (1)19390744_1436845749715231_1700451829328923721_o
From our Ring leader’s roast of the crowd to our work of art food courses, followed by our presenters, awards, and a live auction to support ILEA’s scholarship and education funds!  Never a dull moment….
Premiere is honored to have been voted Best Rentals by our industry peers.  We continue to strive to exceed our customer’s expectations.
View More:
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Bridal Extravaganza!

We were so excited to be a part of this year’s June Bridal Extravaganza at the Palmer Events Center. We showcased quite a few of our chair options because we are currently running our chair special until July 8th. We also featured some of our draping, flooring and lounge pieces.

Don’t worry….. If you missed this Bridal Extravaganza there is another one coming up in September. If you’re planning a wedding and don’t know where to start, this is a great event to attend. All of the vendors you could ever possibly need or want are under one roof (and they’re usually running some kind of promo or special offer which could save you lots of $$$). Visit the website to purchase tickets and stay up-to-date with the show in Austin!

We always have such a great time chatting with new couples and catching up with other vendors. Check out photos of our set up, in case you missed us. We look forward to seeing you at the next one!





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Annual Chair Special is ON

Premiere’s annual chair special begins TODAY! Here’s all you need to know about the special.

White resin, black resin, natural wood and fruitwood folding chairs are 25% off rental price!


Photo by Jerry Hayes Photography


Chiavari chairs are 50% off rental price! 

Pearl4.19.16-30 (3)

Photo by Jerry Hayes Photography; planned by Pearl Events

The discount applies to new orders placed between today, June 12th and the close of business (2pm) on Saturday, July 8th. You must pay for the chairs in full at the time of booking. Once the chairs are booked, you cannot make any changes to your chair special order- no changes to color, quantity or style. You are always welcome to add chairs on, however, should you add on after the sale ends, they will be at the full rental price.

PremiereSelectWestwood-19 (1)

Photo by Jerry Hayes Photography

This promotion cannot be combined with any other sale or promotion that is currently going on.

Call us today or stop by one of our three showrooms to book your chairs at a reduced rental price!

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Summer Soirees

Summer is officially here (at least weather-wise) in Texas and with it comes a multitude of long summer nights and festive summer get togethers. Thinking of planning a summer soiree yourself? We’ve got just the rentals for you.

Generally speaking, summer is the perfect time for bright colors, whether that be your flowers, your linens or maybe just your decor.


Jerry Hayes Photography; Premiere Events; Wild Onion Ranch; Westbank Flower Market


blog summer flowers

You’re going to want to keep the hot summer sun in mind too, perhaps cover up with a tent or some umbrella tables?

092-TheKnotAustinEvent2016 (1)

Addison Studios; Premiere Events; South Congress Hotel; Whim Florals


Have you decided what you will be serving as a refresher for your guests? Perhaps a big ol’ dispenser of lemonade or sangria?

blog summer drink display

And who doesn’t love drinking out of copper mugs, no matter the season?


Addison Studios; Premiere Events; South Congress Hotel

Be sure to follow us on Pinterest for more summer inspiration!

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